General Information

The North Carolina Cattlemen’s Foundation Scholarship seeks to recognize and provide financial assistance to students with an interest in agriculture; a background, interest in or career plans with the cattle industry will receive additional consideration in review of applications.

The scholarships are funded by earnings on donations to the North Carolina Cattlemen's Foundation, which has been significantly supported by cattle producers in the state.  The Foundation was established in 1982 with a significant donation from NCSU graduate, E. Carroll Joyner.  Since that time, numerous others have contributed to the Foundation.

The Foundation is also supported by proceeds from sales of the North Carolina Cattle Reflections, a history of cattle in North Carolina.  The book may be purchased by going online at or by calling Kim Burdge at the N. C. Cattlemen's Association office at 919/552-9111 or email her at [email protected]

One or more scholarships of up to $3,000 will be awarded annually. Scholarships are available for the following: incoming freshman, current community college or Agricultural Institute students, current undergraduate students, and travel awards for graduate students. 

Scholarships will be awarded to students who are residents of North Carolina, although college enrollment may be in another state. However, students attending college outside of North Carolina who become residents of another state will no longer be eligible for a scholarship. 

Past recipients may reapply for a scholarship for more than one academic year provided residency does not change.  Note that reapplying does not imply automatic renewal of a student's scholarship.  Applications are reviewed annually independent of prior awards.

Students may be awarded scholarships for up to four (4) academic years.  No student will be considered for a scholarship once he/she has received an award four (4) times.

For graduate student travel, awards will be limited to one (1) time per Masters and one (1) time per Ph.D. program.

Awardees must be attending (or intend to attend) an accredited community college or other associate degree program, 4-year institution or recognized graduate program. 

The award will be paid directly to the student’s institution for credit to the student’s account. 

The NCCF Scholarship Committee will review all applications and select recipients.


  1. Resident of North Carolina
  2. Full time student in undergraduate or graduate program (different applications will be used for undergraduate and graduate scholarships).
  3. Interest and/or career plans in agriculture, with additional recognition for interest and/or career plans related to the cattle industry. NCCF will give priority for awards to students whole field of study is related to some area of agriculture, particularly the cattle industry.
  4. Graduate student awards will be available only for travel support for professional meetings, internships and similar activities.
  5. Completed applications must be submitted to NCCF by 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time on January 15 of each year. Selection of awardees will allow scholarship availability the beginning of the fall semester.

Application Requirements

undergraduate students

Click on the “Apply Online” button below to apply for the NCCF scholarship. You will need to submit the following additional information in order to complete the application:

High school students planning to attend an institution: Name of high school you attend, graduation date, complete grade transcripts with weighted and unweighted GPA, ACT or SAT score, college or university you will be attending and field of study


College students continuing their education: College or university you are attending, anticipated graduation date, complete grad transcripts, field of study

References: All applicants must submit a list of three (3) references (previous instructors, leaders of academic or community organizations in which you have participated). Provide names, contact information, and a short statement describing their connection or relationship to you.

Short photo essay: Provide no more than two pages of captioned photos that depict your experiences, activities, and achievements related to your experiences in agriculture and/or the cattle industry.

Apply Online

Graduate Student Travel Scholarships

Click on the "Apply Online" button below to apply for the NCCF Graduate scholarship. You will need the following additional information in order to complete the application:

  1. Recommendation letter from major adviser
  2. Abstract to be presented at meeting (if available)
  3. Transcripts
  4. Purpose of travel (part of application)
  5. Cost of travel (use budget form on application)
  6. NOTE: Actual travel costs will be paid up to the amount of the award following university travel policies

Apply Online

print Copy for undergraduate
print copy for graduate 


Questions about scholarships? Contact Roger Crickenberger at 919-464-5636 or [email protected]