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The N.C. Forage & Grassland Council (NCFGC) joins grassland managers, livestock owners, agribusiness, public servants, and interested citizens to support the effective use of North Carolina's grassland resources. The NCFGC is a member-led, all volunteer non-profit. Members elect a Board of Directors, including grass farmers (8), agribusiness leaders (4), and public agency representatives (4). University specialists serve as NCFGC advisers. An annual membership meeting is held each winter.

The NCFGC objectives are to:

  1. Encourage the efficient and profitable use of forage and pasture crops for feed; 
  2. Promote N. C. hay and pasture-raised livestock products;
  3. Maintain open spaces and North Carolina's agricultural landscape;
  4. Improve forage management on all sizes and types of farms;
  5. Develop guidelines for forage production, utilization, and marketing;
  6. Educate land managers about cost-effective sustainable practices;
  7. Practice soil conservation and water quality management;
  8. Build coalitions to serve and advocate for the forage-livestock industry;
  9. Support local and statewide forage events and forage research;
  10. Participate in forage research and development of management tools.

Membership supports forage and grass-based agriculture and the stewardship of North Carolina's natural resources. NCFGC membership benefits include:

  • Network - get to know the best North Carolina forage producers and be one of them
  • Knowledge - improve knowledge of forages and awareness of policies affecting forage production in North Carolina
  • Nurture - grazing and hay farms and farmers and related businesses
  • AFGC (American Forage and Grassland Council) - NCFGC dues pay your AFGC membership dues and their newsletter, The Forage Leader

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Questions about NCFGC?

Contact Kim Burdge at [email protected] or call the NCCA office at (919) 552-9111.