Winter conference series

January 22-25, 2019

"Effective Weed Management in Pastures and Hay Fields”

 Featuring Neil Rhodes, Weed Specialist University of Tennessee and Kathy Voth, Livestock for Landscapes 

Also local producer profiles, NCSU Extension Update, trade show and much more! 

Registration begins at 9:30 AM and the program from 10:00 AM—4:00 PM


American Grassland Renewal

Novel Tall Fescue Workshop

Toxic tall fescue reduces livestock weight gains and lowers reproductive performance.  This one day workshop will give you the tools and information needed to remove toxic tall fescue and replace it with novel tall fescue varieties.  Speakers include local producers, company representatives and researchers from across the country.

Topics Include: 

·Fescue Toxicosis: Symptoms and Causes


·Establishment and First Year Management

·Company Products

·Producer Panel

Register at ______________  

Before March 1st - $70/person, $100/couple

After March 1st - $85/person, $120/ couple

Includes:  lunch, refreshments & proceedings  

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8:30 am         Registration
9:00 am         Welcome, Johnny Rogers
9:10 am          Tall Fescue Toxicosis: Symptoms and Causes         
                        Dr. Craig Roberts - University of Missouri  
9:35 am          Cattle Economics

                       Dr. Matt Poore - NC State University  

10:00 am       Break and Demo: Endophytes Under Microscope                       

                      Dr. Carolyn Young - Noble Research Institute  

10:20 am       Establishment & First Year Management                        

                      Dr. John Andrae - Clemson University  

11:00 am        Calibrating a Seed Drill                        

                      Dr. Deidre Harmon - NC State University  

11:40 am        Seed Quality and Endophyte Testing                        

                       Chris Agree - Pennington Seed  

12:00 pm       Lunch and Microscope Demo

12:45 pm        Management: Novels and Toxic Pastures                         

                       Dr. Craig Roberts and Dr. John Andrae  

1:30 pm          Video: Darrel Franson - Producer Perspective

2:00 pm         Company Product Highlights

2:35 pm         Break

2:45 pm         Cost-Share Programs and Initiatives                        

                      Lee Holcomb and Michelle Lovejoy

3:15 pm          Producer Panel, Moderator: Johnny Rogers

4:00pm          Tour Plots at Piedmont Research Station                        

                      Johnny Rogers - Amazing Grazing Coordinator  

5:00pm          ADJOURN    

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