The Feeder Cattle Sales Committee of the N. C. Cattlemen's Association established the operating guidelines for the sales.

All buyers are requested to provide credit references before buying.


The N. C. Cattlemen's Association, the N. C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the N. C. Cooperative Extension Service, and the sale coordinators assume no responsibility for animals after loading in mode of transportation.

Sales Location

The sales are located in areas where cattle are produced.


All cattle sold by hundredweight at auction with auctioneer settling any disputed bids.  The number of cattle per pen may vary from one to 50 or more.  The sale is for the entire pen having fewer than 20 cattle.   If a pen is cut, at least 10 cattle must remain in the pen.


Cattle go directly from farm to market by owner/consignor.


Calves selling at assembled sales are to be vaccinated for Blackleg and Malignant Edema.  Cattle selling directly from the farm may have additional treatments and will be designated.


Cattle are tagged and weighed as received.


It will be helpful for buyers to make tentative arrangements for hauling before purchasing cattle.  The management of individual sales will cooperate where possible in making trucking arrangements.  They cannot, however, guarantee transport of all cattle.


In barn cattle will be separated as to breed, sex, grade and weight.  Where space is limited, certain breeds may be penned together, however, they will be listed separately on the sale order.  Provisions have been made for selling cattle directly from the farm.  Generally, these cattle will sell in conjunction with the in barn cattle in truck load lots.  Most of these are not listed on the schedule.

Prompt Pay Requirement

Under G. S. 196, Article 35A, the North Carolina law requires that all livestock sold at public livestock markets are to be paid for on the same day of purchase. Buyers are to pay for cattle before the animals are moved.


The grading will be conducted by trained graders under the supervision of the N. C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Livestock Marketing Division.  Grades are as follows:

L1 - large-frame cattle, average or above in thickness
M1 - medium-frame cattle, average or above in thickness
S1 - small-frame cattle, average or above in thickness
LM2 - variable in frame size, thin to average in thickness

Cattle not qualifying for sale because of size, health, physical conditions, or not meeting other standards established by the Sales Committee cannot be offered for sale.


N.C. Cattlemen's Association:  919-552-9111

N.C. Coop. Extension:  919-515-2761

NCDA & CS:  919-733-7136